The Barnes Atelier

The Barnes Atelier is a small fine art school run by artists Travis Seymour and Nancy Fletcher, together classically trained at the Angel Academy in Florence as well as The Water Street Atelier and Grand Central Academy in New York.

They provide a core full-time programme, with a supporting part-time schedule which follows the same curriculum. In addition they offer a weekly portrait masterclass and evening figure session, as well as workshops throughout the year.

Based in the building which formerly housed the Queen Fan Club, they offer a rigorous 4-year 'Masters Academy Diploma Programme' dedicated to students interested and committed to becoming a professional realist painter. They aim to get the most out of our students’ abilities by working efficiently on tailored projects each day – increasing the difficulty prescribed based on each student’s level of proficiency, until the desired level of mastery is achieved.

As well as visiting the studio's web site (see the link below) you can visit the artists' own web sites at:

Nancy Fletcher

Travis Seymour

020 8133 6936 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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