Oar 7 - White Hart Lane

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White Hart Lane, along with Barnes High Street, Church Road and North Castelnau, is one of the four main retail areas of Barnes. A comprehensive listing of Barnes shops, pubs, cafés, restaurants and useful services is available here.

The area on the left is now known as Little Chelsea.

Just before you reach the level crossing, turn left. Oar 8, Railway Side, is on the corner.

On the sign:

The boundary between Barnes and Mortlake runs along the centre of the road, unchanged for centuries. There is an attractive former chapel on the left. This was the Westfields area of market gardens until a property developer built streets of terraced cottages, corner shops, beer houses and the shops in this street.
The Westfield, one of 2 medieval open fields, covered a huge area of about 24 acres. This used to be a busier street but the number of shops has reduced by 30% since before the war. Only Ruffells Motors (just over the level crossing) has stood the test of time.


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