The Westfield Practice (Hypnotherapy)

The Westfield Practice on Elm Bank Gardens in Barnes offers hypnotherapy to treat many issues such as weight loss (including a gastric band programme), smoking, negative habits and compulsions, phobias, confidence and performance and fertility and birth.

Clinical hypnotherapist at The Westfield Practice, Nadine Abell, was educated at Cambridge University and holds qualifications in NLP, psychotherapy, coaching, counselling and stress management. She is also a trained HypnoBirth and HypnoFertility practitioner. She is available to her clients at all times to give support and advice, both during hypnosis sessions and afterwards. 

Appointments are available throughout the week and evenings, as well as at weekends. They can be contacted for a free consultation.

020 8241 6718 or mobile: 07969 741 964 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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