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The Boat Race

Boat Race posterThe long Surrey bend along the river Thames at Barnes is the site of the closing stages of the annual University Boat Race. The race is a great spectacle and the sight of the rival boats emerging from the Hammersmith bend towards Barnes preceeded by the clatter of helicopter blades and followed by a huge flotilla of small boats never fails to stir the heart.

Good-natured crowds line the pavement across the road from the Bull's Head pub and the riverside terrace by Ye Olde White Hart and once the boats have passed the second race is on - spectators rushing inside the pubs to see the finish at Chiswick Bridge on TV.

The Boat Race is a tradition that began in 1829 when Cambridge sent a challenge to Oxford. The date of each annual race is set at the challenge dinner held each autumn so look out on our events calendar for details of the date of the next race.

The Boat Race

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